About Me

About Me

I’m Natalia Desorgues a qualified and experienced language professional. I run Linguatis, a translation and interpreting services company based in Paris.

Before starting my own business

I worked as an in-house French-English translator and interpreter for international companies based in London & Paris.

I worked at the heart of the civil engineering industry and energy sector, showing clients around construction sites, travelling with engineers to get their message across & building trust with global companies.

Now running Linguatis

I work directly with clients and agencies helping businesses develop their global brand.

  • Securing lucrative contracts for major projects by translating tender bids
  • Ensuring heath and safety measures are understood by translating plans
  • Developing transport links by interpreting for company personnel

In addition; I regularly invest in CPD to keep abreast of the latest industry developments and trends:  I attend local and international trade fairs and take time to follow courses and attend conferences.


Let me help you drive your business further

TELEPHONE: +33 6 95 54 25 88
EMAIL: info@linguatis.co.uk